Localization in 50+ Languages

With a focus on localization for digital media we help companies build online presence, enter new markets, and expand their customer base.


Translations with a focus on digital media, SEO, and website localization. We help businesses reach international clients and improve conversions.

Whether you want to improve your international online visibility, expand to new markets, or enhance your digital marketing strategy, we can assist you with high quality translations tailored to your specific needs.


Publishable content must communicate its message clearly in the local market. We make sure the translated text follows the client’s style guide and terminology, and is free of grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.


Transcreation is a key part of a brand’s international strategy to increase sales and popularity abroad. Localised Web offers transcreation services done by experienced marketing linguists.


Language use is important to your organisation’s brand perception, and this includes terminology. Our ECQA-certified terminologist assists businesses with terminology consultancy services.


We provide high quality subtitles for many video types, broadcasting and streaming services. Our vendors are experienced subtitlers vetted for the specific project.


Persuasive copywriting converts traffic on your website or platforms into leads and sales.


We collaborate with native SEO translators who know the local culture and search habits of your targeted markets to provide transcreated keywords for your website’s locale.

SEO Translation

If you want to venture into new markets, we can help you with professional keyword research that takes into account all the aspects required for international on-page SEO.


We offer well-written meta descriptions for a wide variety of searchers, markets and search engines to maximize the outcome of your multilingual SEO efforts.

Meta Descriptions

We offer title tag translations that increase your click-through-rate and maintain the character limits of the used search engine and check the quality of your header and title tags.

Headers and Titles

We optimize your images by adding or amending filenames, image titles and alt tags that are aligned with the respective image purposes.

Image SEO

Based on audit results we help you optimize on-page content and identify low performing elements such as pages with little organic search traffic.

SEO Audit

Website localization and SEO translations

By combining SEO translation and website localization we make online products and services available in different languages and locations. We translate and optimize on-page elements that are important for international SEO such as keywords, meta descriptions, headers, tags, and images to improve search engine rankings, organic traffic and conversions. To ensure higher conversion rates we provide marketing translation, transcreation and SEO translation in several languages.


Localised Web is managed by two industry professionals, Juha Valtonen and Lajka Birkedal Hollesen, with a total of 35 years of experience in the language industry. Throughout the years they have gained valuable insights about best practice, translation technologies and localization methods.

Lajka Birkedal Hollesen
Stine Jensen
Pietari Valtonen
Salman Ahmed Titas

Translations in 180+ Language Combinations

Localization in 180+ language combinations

Our translations in over 180 language combinations are carried out by a large team of professional native linguists who are specialized in different fields.

We also offer translation for SEO within 15 language pairs and subtitling upon quotation.

Results-driven Translations for Digital Media

We are an innovative translation agency that offers translation for a wide range of sectors and subject fields with a focus on localization of digital media such as websites, apps, devices, videos, and software. Our mission is to help our clients enter new markets, expand their international customer base, and build online presence, traffic, and conversions.

Trusted by international brands

We used Localised Web for specific web-related translation requirements and were highly satisfied with their service which was very professional. We specifically appreciated the accuracy of the translations and the short turnaround time.

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