Lajka Birkedal Hollesen

Lajka has 10 years’ experience in writing and translation services within the areas of The European Union, IT, travel, broadcasting and streaming services. She has managed translation projects within app technology and for NGOs and has completed SEO training sessions from industry experts with on-page SEO as main focus.

Should Spiders Recognize Your Breadcrumbs?

This phrase is close to nonsense for most people, but for SEO professionals it makes perfect sense. Search engine optimization has its own unique terms, definitions, and abbreviations such as AJAX which many readers will associate with the Dutch football team or the cleaning product brand but in SEO terms it means Asynchronous JavaScript and…

Let’s Localise – with terminology!

We like to read and be approached in our native language if, and only if, there are no noticeable grammatical mistakes and errors not proper for native speakers – and we want to be understood. That leaves out the bot. The same regards, terminological errors. That is the first thing people notice.

Hired for the heart

Many language professionals fear that their jobs will be taken over by artificial intelligence and machine translation, but the fact is that the language industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and is projected to grow to USD 28.2 bn by 2022 according to The Slator Language Industry Market Report 2019,…